Rachael Starr, LCSW, is a trauma therapist in Palm Beach County who specializes in the treatment of PTSD and trauma-related disorders through the utilization of proven therapeutic techniques – namely EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). EMDR is an integrative therapy approach, one that has been extensively studied and proven effective for the treatment of PTSD, C-PTSD, and other forms of unresolved trauma. This efficient and operative therapeutic methodology was first developed in 1987 by Dr. Francine Shapiro, and psychologist and trauma specialist. Shapiro discovered that rapid eye movements had the unique capability of reducing the intensity and duration of disturbing thoughts and memories. In 1989, Shapiro published her successes in the Journal of Traumatic Stress. Since she first shared her findings regarding EMDR and trauma recovery, the valuable technique has been utilized by therapists and researchers all over the world.

How Does EMDR Work?

When a person undergoes an extremely stressful experience, his or her brain becomes incapable of processing information the way it normally would. Traumatic experiences, in particular, interrupt emotional processing – a specific moment becomes frozen in time, and the traumatized individual recalls this painful moment in vivid and excruciating detail whenever the memory is conjured. Remembering a traumatic event or experience may be as painful as it was to live through the trauma initially. This interruption in processing will lead to a host of lasting interpersonal consequences. The way an individual views the world and interacts with others will change, and lingering emotional and psychological consequences will repeatedly interfere with healthy functioning in day-to-day life.

EMDR directly effects the way that the brain processes information. When an individual undergoes EMDR therapy, normal information processing will be resumed, and it will become possible to reprocess painful memories. If an EMDR therapy session is successful in the reprocessing of traumatic events, the individual will no longer undergo emotional or psychological stress when the memory surfaces. Symptoms of PTSD (such as flashbacks, nightmares, and auditory and visual hallucinations) will subside indefinitely. While many forms of therapy share similar goals, few methods provide such immediate and profound results.

EMDR and Trauma Recovery

While EMDR has proven extremely successful in the vast majority of trauma-related disorders, it may take one or more therapy sessions for a therapist to determine whether or not Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing will be the most effective method of treatment.

Rachael Starr takes time to carefully evaluate each individual client, getting to know them on a deep and personal level before beginning EMDR treatment. The amount of previous trauma, current life circumstances, and co-existing disorders will determine how many one-on-one sessions are necessary. However, even those suffering from severe trauma have experienced great success in Rachael Starr’s unique Intensive Trauma Therapy program, which consists of five full days (roughly 40 hours) of EMDR and supplemental therapy methods.

Trauma Therapist in Palm Beach County

EMDR has gained worldwide notoriety because it is both effective and extremely efficient. Rachael Starr is a licensed and certified trauma therapist in Palm Beach County, and a long-time EMDR specialist. Rachael has experienced extraordinary success utilizing the technique as a main component of her Intensive Trauma Treatment Program. Crediting this method of therapy for saving her own life, she hopes to share the rapid and long-lasting effects of EMDR with each of her clients.

Rachael Starr is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in Trauma and EMDR. If you or a loved one are suffering with unresolved trauma or PTSD and would like more information on Rachael’s program please call her at (772) 475-3334.